Ada Colau

Ada Colau

Barcelona, in addition to being a very vibrant city, is proud of its citizens’ entrepreneurship and solidarity, and how they always cope with exceptional situations.
The same is true of the city’s organisations. In changing times, it helps to have those with a commitment to both the human dimension and the pursuit of excellence by our side. The Zona Franca Consortium is an example of this.

Having celebrated its centenary, the Consortium remains committed to driving companies’ technological advancement while fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their commitment to tackling climate change and promoting gender equality and circular economy.Initiatives such as the high tech 3DFactory Incubator centre, which will enable the development of over 100 projects by young entrepreneurs over five years, represent a clear example of this commitment.

“Year after year, the Zona Franca Consortium demonstrates that it is an essential asset for the wider metropolitan area.”

In the Zona Franca, this new economy coexists alongside a productive, industrial and logistic activity that has been, well-developed, and whose importance is evident with its contribution of 11% of the gross domestic product of the province of Barcelona and to more than 137,000 jobs.

Year after year, the Zona Franca Consortium demonstrates that it is an essential asset for the wider metropolitan area. A robust, valuable asset that puts us on the map as one of Europe’s most pioneering regions. An organisation that focuses on people front and commits to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Congratulations on your excellent work.

Ada Colau Ballano

Mayor of Barcelona and president of the Council of the Zona Franca Consortium in Barcelona

Pere Navarro

Pere Navarro

In a world that is battling a climate emergency while navigating cataclysmic changes to manufacturing, there is a risk of forgetting that progress is a means, not an end, and that we must focus on the importance of people and their environment. This is our view at the Zona Franca, where we have clearly expressed our commitment to sustainability and people, above all to younger generations. They, and not simply the economic-business framework, are the true motive for our existence.

In 2019, the Zona Franca explicitly set out its vision, mission and values and, through its actions, has demonstrated its efforts in terms of innovation, sustainability and the 2030 Agenda objectives, a new declaration of rights of the planet that focuses on progress through alliances and the sustainability required by civilisation in relation to our environment.

“Ours should be a new industrial culture that coexists with urban and natural surroundings.”

For us, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and innovation are the two mutually constructive levers that make human advancement possible. Because the world belongs to the bold, we wasted no time in launching ground-breaking projects such as the 3DFactory Incubator, the first European incubator for 3D printing we launched last year, and the space dedicated to new technologies, 4.0 DFactory, a pillar of new industry in which we are investing €17 million and plan to launch at the end of 2020.

Our unique organisation is characterised by its bold exploration of future scenarios and its will to stay ahead of the times, particularly in the field of manufacturing and industry. Ours should be a new industrial culture that coexists with urban and natural surroundings. We believe that the Zona Franca is the perfect laboratory in which to grow this new manufacturing culture that the world needs to adopt, and we did not hesitate to express our commitment to this model at global events such as the World Free Zones International Conference that we hosted in June 2019.

As a result, we support innovation and lateral thinking in order to move forward. We are open to establishing agreements with any party offering solutions in the public interest that look towards the economy of the future, which future generations will inherit. We sincerely believe that the only way to make progress is by forging alliances to achieve common goals and, from now on, this will be the test by which the new leadership of any human organisation will be judged.